Platform for Jewish-Polish Dialogue  

The DIALOG is devoted to the improvement of relations between the Jewish and Polish peoples. We welcome everyone to express their thoughts, feelings and concerns as to how this can be accomplished.

Jews and Poles are two peoples among other on the globe. They have lived together for hundreds of years. We know that down through history Jewish lives have suffered persecution and genocidal extermination in many lands, including Polish soil during and before the Holocaust in bygone years. We know, too, that Polish lives have been torn asunder by invasions, repression and killings by foreign occupiers. In the course of Jewish and Polish struggles for survival and independence, other peoples have extended a helping hand.

This is the place where we, in good will, would like to search for common foundations that would enable us to establish and nourish mutual respect and to reach an understanding of each other's experience and views. Among other things, we invite your suggestions on how to bring about a happier future.

Sadly a lot of world's animosities have religious backgrounds. Apparently reluctance, prejudices come from deep spiritual differences of human’s psychic reality based on our beliefs.
Christianity comes from Judaism, in fact first Christians were only Jews and first divisions took place just among this community in the first century.
Jewish-Polish animosities have also a wider foundation on Jewish-Christian differences but also - paradoxically at this same time has tide connections on these very same grounds.

Dialog is not necessary only about presenting both sides arguments, evidences of historic, extremely painful atrocities and religious and cultural traditions and or differences - it is also about developing some extra sensitivity and openness.
Xenophobia, stereotypes, but from the other side also openness, tolerance and cooperation were more or less always present in Jewish-Polish relations.

Dialog wants to promote the positive attitudes and create friendly environment. 

Let's meet in an atmosphere of truth and frankness, no matter how delicate the issues be. Let's learn from each other and become friends.

Thank you for visiting.

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