Platform for Jewish-Polish Dialogue  

Jewish and Polish peoples have had close connections at least since 14th century. The arrival of Jews to Poland was caused by persecutions in many Western European countries and by difficult conditions in Russia as well. Jews and Poles have lived together in relative harmony for at least six hundred years. For most of this time, both peoples preserved a tolerant and respectful attitude towards one another. They often collaborated. Many Jewish people, however, lived in self-isolation in small towns, where they sometimes represented fifty, sixty, and even seventy percent of the population.

Beginning in the mid 19th century in Europe, strong national feelings have arisen. As a result, tensions began to accumulate between Jews and Poles. Because of tragic events in the 20th century, particularly Second Word War and the Holocaust, Jewish-Polish relationships have complicated so much that personal experiences on both sides often hide from view and memory earlier times and conditions.

At this Website, the Platform for Jewish-Polish Dialogue we want to try to explore the circumstances through which this situation arose, and to reflect together on how it might be resolved and what might be done towards reconciliation.


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Aust, Patricia H. Polish Rescuers



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